How to Incorporate Your Business

When a business is stably earning a good income it will be ideal for the owner to think about incorporating it. This is mostly because of the advantages of incorporating a business can provide such as limited liabilities, a better business image, plus legal and tax benefits. Not only do multinational companies and small businesses begin to incorporate, your personal online businesses can do the same too.

First you will need to file to the Articles of Incorporation with the state government. Once it is done, the corporation will have to set up a board of directors by appointing directors, officers and bylaws. After incorporating, the corporation will need to create and maintain a minute book. Certificate of incorporation, shareholder register, resolutions, ledgers and minutes of meetings, are some of the documents often included in the minute book.

All the records are required by the laws, thus updating and maintaining the minute book is a must for any incorporation. Inaccuracy of records or failing to do so will result in serious repercussions. In some cases, an organization might lose its corporate status and all the benefits that have been agreed on the certificate of incorporation, not to mention the limited liability of every shareholder.

It does sound like a daunting task, but after all it is an optional choice in developing your business. If you are interested and wanted to know how to incorporate your business, there is now a way to do it online through It is very efficient and will save you quite an amount of money from the usual legal fees. Though incorporating a business through the internet is still not very well known, the procedure is faster and much easier.