How Exhibition Stands Can Help Your Business

Most business marketing strategies include exhibition stands. There are a huge range of options available and their design must be very carefully considered. Eye catching graphics, a clearly displayed company logo and product names are some of the more obvious features that are important when considering the design of an exhibition stand. An exhibition stand can be the perfect route to new customers.If a lot of thought and planning is put into it, an exhibition stand at an exhibition could provide your company with a very large number of potential sales leads. It's not all in the stand though - the stand should be staffed with people who know the company's products/services inside out and who can do a good job at selling your brand.

Compared to a normal working day, the company's sales team are much more likely to come into contact with significantly more potential customers. Choosing the right exhibitions for your company is also essential - the right people at the right shows must be targeted to get the best ROI from your stand (which could be very expensive in itself).

While there are often niche exhibitions to attend, many general exhibitions can have a surprising amount of potential. Hundreds or even thousands of people attend national exhibitions. During a two day exhibition, a company could generate a huge list of contacts and having met the individuals in person the employees running the stand have had the opportunity to make a bigger and better impression than on the phone. Typically sales leads made at an exhibition turn in to real sales more regularly than those generated over the phone.

The goal is to target the right people at the right time, give the company maximum exposure and generate a positive response from as many people as possible by presenting the company as effectively as possible. In order to maximise the potential of your exhibition stand, the following should be observerd:

- Try to set your stand up in an area where as many people as possible will pass.
- Make sure that you have plenty of marketing materials , be it booklets, flyers, etc, for any visitors to your stand.
- Make the stand as unique and striking as possible - you want people to remember your stand and by extension, your products/services.
- Make sure that there is somebody on the stand at all times.
- Make eye contact - this can make people feel more comfortable about approaching you and your stand.
- Enthusiasm goes a long way - keep it up at all times, even at the end: your best sales lead could turn up 30 seconds before the end of the last day of the show, so work that smile!
- One of the most important things is to remember to follow up your sales leads. They need to remember you, so remember to make mention of something unique from your stand to jog their memory. This will make a good impression and could secure you a sale.

The points in this post should clearly demonstrate how exhibition stands can help your business. If you bear them in mind, you should be able to maximise the potential of your stand.