How to Attract More Customers to Your Exhibition

You can always expect competitions to be vigorous in every trade show exhibition since there will be tens, sometimes even up to hundreds of different companies promoting their business to attract new customers at the same time, all in one place. Without a strategic planning for your company's upcoming exhibition and displays, you might just let the others gain the upper hand.

There are just so many ways to effectively run an exhibition stand and attract as many new customers as possible. It all depends on how well you make use of them. Some of the tips below might just work for your business:

Make good use of pop up exhibition stands and displays. An effective exhibition stand design does not only attract customers passing by with its eye catching and striking images, it must also be able to convey your company message, brief information about your product or service and branding, all in one go. Another great benefit of using pop up exhibition stands is that they are extremely portable. You can literally carry and place them anywhere you like, use them back in a few of your upcoming exhibitions or display them in your office.

Of course you will not just let your potential costumers standing by and watching all the fun, let them join in the fun as well. Prepare a demonstration area around your exhibition stand so you can let your staffs show the customers how they can actually make use of your products and draw in more crowd and excitement. Ask visitors to take part in the presentation then provide them with free samples so they can try on your product again back home.

No one can resist extra freebies and discounts. If you want returning and loyal customers, give out free vouchers, coupons and additional free gifts such as USB drives and goodies bag, printed with your company details so they can use those in the near future and help spread the word about your brand. Have a prize or lucky draw event and collect more information from your visitors by asking them to fill up simple participation forms and such.

These are just some of the many marketing strategies that you can use to promote your business but if you can use them wisely, even a few simple tricks can guarantee a success.